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Because Zminna is a company that brings value, our main purpose is to expand science into businesses by creating unique strategies and solutions though careful research. If you are interested in psychology, marketing or both, you can stay updated on Changing Society’s upcoming events, where we educate how psychology and science help expand your success.
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About Changing Society

Psychology, as one of the health disciplines and sciences, has shown a tremendous growth in its research methods and applied fields over the past decades. The essence of Changing Society lies within promoting similar changes in business and is designed to change people’s perspective on what psychology is all about.

Initially intended as a social project, Changing Society continues its purpose of demolishing the gap between psychology as science and common knowledge distorted by media and folk myths. Moreover, as a substantial part of Zminna, Changing Society project is aimed to educate businesses on how psychology can become a great tool for promoting their products and services. Marketing does not have to consist of subjective opinions, instead, we insist that marketing consists of precision and reliability. 

The last event was organized in cooperation with SWPS University (Poland), Kyiv National University (Ukraine) and Behavior Analyst Certification Board (The USA).  


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