29 November 2018

Online Ad Effectiveness

While the number of online ads consumers see everyday is growing fast, how do we make sure that our ad is actually being noticed? Here we explain how to increase online ad effectiveness by discussing valid empirical insights and consumer behavior.

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14 October 2018

Is Your Increased Price Fair to Your Customer?

Marketing can be challenging especially when the price of your product has increased due to essential reasons. This e-book will help you understand how to communicate and justify your price change to the customers.

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14 August 2018

Ineffective Employees: True or False?

Have you ever had to deal with ineffective, unmotivated, unengaged employees? This e-book educates about the most common threats in the organizational culture that may significantly inhibit productivity and decrease quality of work.

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25 June 2018

The “Neuro” Magic Behind Consumer Mindreading

The true nature of “neuro” knowledge derived from marketing research has been systematically misused for years. Do marketers really have an access to what we actually think and how we actually feel in the context of purchasing environment?

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15 March 2018

Employee Motivation and Satisfaction 2018

The main goal of the project was to assess the level of the client's employees’ job satisfaction and motivation as well as to identify influential factors responsible for the formation of these constructs.

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30 August 2017

Atmospheric Cues Online: How to Influence Purchasing Intent

Carefully planed atmospheric cues create a pleasant customer experience and subsequently increase purchasing intent in traditional stores. However, with the rapid growth of e-commerce, can such cues be manipulated in the virtual world?

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11 July 2017

“The Perfect Beer for Removing ‘no’ from Your Vocabulary for the Night”

Do consumers associate with your brand? Today this question is particularly important when attempting to win over millennial consumers. But while some companies can affirmatively say “yes”, for others the answer may not be so apparent.

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20 June 2017

Researching Ideas for Educational Workshops: An Overlooked Potential of Social Skills for Youth

The project was designed and executed for Pracownia z Oknem na Swiat, a private educational school. The inquiry was connected with the promotion of developmental workshops for youth regarding socials skills as a new product.

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05 June 2017

From a Housekeeper to a White-Collar Worker or How Ukrainians Form a New Consumer Segment in Poland

The fast expanding market in Poland, favored by steady economic situation, has recently encountered a new emerging segment of consumers – Ukrainians, which, among many foreigners, have created one of the biggest ethnic groups in Poland.

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30 May 2017

"Ready to Drink" Coffee

With over 2 billion coffee cups consumed everyday worldwide, gaining a market share in the coffee industry today is a challenging task.

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