Employee Motivation and Satisfaction 2018

The main goal of the project was to assess the level of the client's employees’ job satisfaction and motivation as well as to identify influential factors responsible for the formation of these constructs.

15 March 2018

The main goals of the project were to study the company’s employees’ motivation and satisfaction as well as to identify and assess factors that would help influence a positive change in the company’s environment. The project fell into a quantitative employee research category with prediction analysis as the main research method. 


It was found that around a half of the employees are not satisfied with their jobs in general. However, a further analysis allowed to identify a number of influential factors, an alteration of which will contribute to the increase of the total job satisfaction. The same analysis revealed factors, which will help improve satisfaction with 5 job related aspects that did not reach the satisfaction margin. 


The research also helped to discover that all the employees are the most responsive to intrinsic motivation as opposed to materialistic rewards. This particular piece of finding is essential to consider when planning further motivational activities within the workplace. 


Furthermore, the results of the research clearly demonstrate that, despite being more satisfied with the current management, the previous management would have been more influential in affecting the employees’ total job satisfaction and their motivation to perform duties well. Satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the current management has no influence on the employees’ job satisfaction and motivation



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