"Ready to Drink" Coffee

With over 2 billion coffee cups consumed everyday worldwide, gaining a market share in the coffee industry today is a challenging task.

30 May 2017

Coffee is a big business. It is one of the most sought after commodity in the world, with over 2 billion coffee cups consumed everyday worldwide. Despite a vast number of companies selling this popular brewed drink, gaining a market share in the coffee industry is a challenging task. One of the top coffee brands in the USA today, Maxwell House had learnt its lesson back in 1990, when a poorly conducted consumer research (or perhaps a lack of it) resulted in a big fiasco. That year General Foods released Maxwell House “ready to drink” microwaveable coffee in a foil-lined packaging. Because foil cannot be simply heated in a microwave, the post-purchasing experience with the product differed from what the company promised. Thus, in order to heat it up, coffee first had to be poured in a mug. This turned out to be less convenient than initially expected, which completely disputed the original “ready-to-drink” idea. Moreover, later analysis showed that many consumers did not buy the drink because it was useless - if you have time to perform the whole “ready- to drink” coffee preparation ritual, you sure do have time to brew yourself a nice cup of authentic coffee. Eventually, it became vivid that the product failed due to the lack of initially promised convenience and the inability to satisfy consumer’s needs.

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